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When looking for a tutor, keep in mind that...

Tutors can be students, NAIT Instructors, Alumni or tutoring professionals from the community.

The qualifications of individual tutors are listed in the registry to help you make an informed decision.

Payment amount, payment method, and the schedule for sessions is between you and the tutor. Professional tutors usually charge between $30-$40 per hour. Student tutors typically charge less.

Students CANNOT be tutored by their current NAIT Instructor(s). If your current Instructor is on the registry, please use a different tutor.

NAIT is not liable for any disputes between a student and tutor.

Once you’ve chosen a tutor, you should connect through email or phone before your first meeting to outline your needs and expectations.

Some of Our Tutors



I'm currently a DMIT graduate, with the specialization of Computer Software Developer and Web Design/Development. I am now working towards my BAIST Information Systems Major, as well I am also cur...

simranjit singh


1) had a research paper published in IEEE, and international journal based on wireless sensor networks. 2) received 3.8 gpa in first semester 3) received A+ marks in math and electrical



I am currently a Materials Engineering Technology student in my 2nd term, but already graduated BS Chemical Engineering as my first course. I finished my first term here at NAIT with a GPA of 3.9, wit...



Struggling to get over the biggest hump of business school? I understand the stress; I've been leading Supplemental Learning for a few years now and have seen through upwards of over 100 students ...